WorldMark by Wyndham Resale

Selling your WorldMark by Wyndham timeshare is fast and easy. We offer FREE LISTINGS and there are NO UPFRONT FEES. Your ownership is guaranteed to sell!

So, why list with anyone else?

Life changes and in some situations it makes sense to sell your WorldMark by Wyndham timeshare.  At Elite Timeshare Credits, we make the process quick and easy.  There are no gimmicks.  No advertising costs.  And you'll have a check in hand within 24 hrs after (Quick Sale option) we receive your notarized transfer documents issued by WorldMark.

Elite Timeshare Credits specializes in WorldMark by Wyndham timeshares.  With years of extensive experience working with WorldMark by Wyndham timeshares, we have a reputation that resale buyers have come to trust.   We handle the transaction swiftly, and use Timeshare Closing Online, a licensed, bonded, and insured closing company to handle the closing process with professionalism and ease.

Not only do buyers come to Elite Timeshare Credits for their vacation needs, but have trusted us to be on the cutting edge of the market.   Because TravelShare is a membership program that is not transferable on the resale market, we are now offering a far superior program; The Elite Travel Club, to help sell your timeshare.  This brand new membership program is offered exclusively to Elite Timeshare Credits’ buyers.  No other resale company has anything like it. This puts sellers at a great advantage when offering their timeshare for sale, and helps buyers acquire travel services, discounts, and much more!


Step One: Provide us with your contact information (Name, Phone Number and Email Address.  You can send it via email: send email or by phone #510-732-1500 or you may also submit it online via Live Chat or the online Sellers Form click here.

Owner Number
Owner’s Name(s)
Annual Credits
Available Credits Now
Anniversary Month
Principal Balance Owed
Payment Amount
Next Payment Due
Status of Dues
Amount to Bring Account Current
RCI or II Membership Status
Number or RCI or II Years Left
Travelshare Membership Status (Please Note: Travelshare is not transferable on the resale market)

Step Two: Once we receive your information, you’ll be given two options to sell your timeshare.  Do your homework!   If your expectations are in line with the reality of the marketplace, choosing one of these options is the last step for a guaranteed sale.  Our approach is different. We simply buy your membership outright or help you sell it.  You no longer have to hassle with costly advertising.

** Option 1: Free Listing – List with us for free, and get offers (within 24 – 48 business hours.)

** Option 2: Quick Sale (cash now) – We will buy your account outright; we will beat any offer that you may have already.

Step Three: Once we receive your information, we will contact you to discuss the two options and will proceed accordingly.  Once you choose the best option for you, we email you the legal documents to proceed.

Step Four: We handle the contracts, and the transfer documents which you will need to sign.  Everything comes with easy to understand instructions and Timeshare Closing Online will follow up with you, the Buyer and WorldMark Transfer’s Department until the transfer is complete.

Step Five: We then forward your file for closing to Timeshare Closing Online, Inc.  Please feel free to visit their website and review.

Step Six: Receive your payment!

For Quick Sale (Cash Now), payment will be mailed within 24 hours once we receive the fully executed Transfer Documents.

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